XSLX file will not open on a webdav share from OSX

Affects Apache with Webdav.   Symptoms include:

  • When you double click an .xlsx file on the share, excel says it is in incorrect format. When you drag the file to your desktop it still won’t open.  Excel says the file is the incorrect format and offers to repair the file.
  • When you try to expand a .zip file using the Archive utility, it won’t work while on the webdav share, but if you drag the .zip file to your desktop it will open fine.

This could be caused by mod_mime.  I disabled the mime magic and mime modules in apache, and the problem went away for me.  After you disable the modules, you will need to reboot your mac because the file you were trying to open gets cached somehow by Finder and it won’t work util you reboot.

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