How to set resolution on E02 thin client with Multipoint Server 2012

Microsoft Multipoint Server 2012 is amazing.  However, a lot of things changed since Multipoint 2011 and the documentation has not kept up.  Adding to that problem is the various ways of connecting to multipoint – RDP, Direct Connect Video, Zero Client etc.  Trying to figure out how to set the resolution was a challenge, because it it not documented.

To set the resolution, you need to login on the Multipoint Server Console, start the Multipoint Manager and enable Console Mode (formerly called Maintenance mode in older documentation).  Once console mode is enabled you can click the little orange icon in your system tray.  This program is also referred to as MCT Custom Presenter, but you can’t search for it to run it.  If it isn’t there, then you need to make sure you are logged in as the user who installed the driver.  For me, the actual system tray executable, not a shortcut to it, was installed at

C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\FBRAppx.exe

If you don’t see it in your system tray you might need to enable its visibility by clicking the uparrow and choose “Customize” and enable the icon and notifications.

Anyway, rightclick the icon and you’ll see a program that lists all your connected thin clients and you can choose the resolution for each thin client from a dropdown menu and click the Apply button.

Go back into Multipoint Manager and switch back to Station mode.  Your Multipoint Server will reboot and your E02 thin clients will be running at the resolution you chose.

I found my first clue that this program even existed from here:

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