OpenVAS vulnerability scanner

I wanted to do a quick scan of a system before I signed a security assessment consent form, so I wanted a free vulnerability scanner I could use. I couldn’t find a truly free online scanner that I could “just use”, so I set up OpenVAS on an amazon instance. It works well.  I chose OpenVAS because is the leading free open source scanner out there.

I spun up a t2.micro at amazon to host it.  It choked.  I upgraded to a t2.large, which worked much better.  OpenVAS uses a lot of resources, so go with a large.  You can always shut down the scanner when you are not using it.  Even the t2.large just about used up all its CPU credit balance after just 3 scans.

A quick setup guide is hosted here:

But first, do:

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra build-essential

After installation and configuration, reconnect to your amazon instance like this:

ssh [email protected] -L 8000: -i ec2-keypair.pem

Then point your browser at https://localhost:8000

login with user admin, password admin.

UPDATE: 8/24/2015

Amazon does not like you running openVAS on their network.  They threatened to shut down my account.  So, if you are wanting to run openVAS, I recommend running it on Digital Ocean.

Here is a howto they put together for you.

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